“When I look at the myriad possibilities in the realm of IT, it really sparks my enthusiasm. IT enables the continued existence of businesses; it allows them to pursue secure growth and work smarter, too. IT is just really cool!”

– Jasper Tiemann, owner NetW

NetW works with a team of IT specialists to protect, professionalize and inspire members of the business community. Our objective is to see that IT does what it needs to do, in order to allow businesses to do their business worry-free.

NetW’s clients include SME and SME+ businesses. Our clients say they find NetW to be a party with real expertise that provides professional solutions. We are highly motivated to assist in critical thinking, provide pro-active advice and supply out-of-the-box solutions to fit your needs. Smooth, pleasant cooperation is very important to us as well. We believe in being open and accessible, so that we can effectively work together to identify the best possible solutions.

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