NetW is an organisation that recognises companies’ potential and knows the best way to professionalise their clients’ businesses. We offer advice and implement an infrastructure that works for you. What's more, we go the extra mile in the form of the unlimited support we offer.

Our approach

Every business is unique; they all rely on different hardware and software and each one has their own individual wishes. Which is exactly why we always offer a bespoke solution. We work to identify your needs and explore how we can help you meet them.

Because we serve a large number of clients and have therefore seen and accomplished many things, a partnership with us gives you instant access to a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. What sets us apart is that we offer you our knowledge and experience for a fixed monthly fee. No matter how many questions you have!

You can turn to us for:

  • Server management
  • Software management
  • Workstation management
  • Back-ups
  • Network monitoring
  • Data security
  • Hosting
  • Voice over IP

Our IT-support makes the difference

If your business depends on IT (and don't they all?), it's extremely inconvenient when something doesn't work as it should. We go the extra mile in providing support. Because we take each and every question seriously, and want to make sure you experience as little inconvenience as possible from IT disruptions, a subscription with us entitles you to unlimited support. That’s the strength of NetW!

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